Dental Bridge Cost

Everyone deserves to have a smile they can be proud to flash. For many people the solution is getting dental bridges. The biggest problem can be the dental bridge cost. When looking at dental bridges remember that you’re paying per tooth, starting at around $500 and going up to about $1,200 depending on materials, quality and type of bridge. Often times dental insurance will cover around half of the cost for dental bridges.

There are three types of dental bridges.

Traditional fixed bridges are held in place by a crown on either side of the bridge. The cost of the crowns is separate from the cost of the bridge making this the most costly option of partial dentures.

Cost for crowns starts at around $1,000 for the set and is not covered by insurance in most cases.

Resin bonded bridges and cantilever bridges are cheaper dental bridge options.

Cantilever bridges are only used when one side of the bridge is left with open space. Both of these cheaper options are able to withstand less stress than the traditional fixed bridges and should therefore be used in the front of the mouth.

Office visits and x-rays cost more, usually running around $100 for the visit and $50 for the x-rays on average. A cost effective option for these prices is to visit your local dental school. They take most insurances, and the students and teachers are generally very friendly. However some dental offices offer up to a five year warranty on dental bridges which dental colleges don’t generally have.

In the case of dental bridges it is definitely true that you get what you pay for. Spending a bit more on your false teeth will reward you with a longer lasting set that you can be proud to smile with.


Evaluating Dental Bridge Cost

The dental bridge cost depends on the amount of dental crowns in the restoration, the types of crowns being used and of course, the part of the country that the work is being done in. Cosmetic dentists usually charge per unit.