Cosmetic Dentistry in SE Calgary

\"\"First impressions last. That is why Cosmetic Dentistry can be a blessing to your life. In general, cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that entails enhancing your look and appearance. Its objective is to improve the color, shape, size and placement of your teeth to improve your overall smile and look. This is quite common practice all over Canada but there are some professionals that specialize in a certain field. There are a number of special dentist SE Calgary is known for that offers cosmetic dentistry. These experts have special training and experience in their particular fields.

Prosthodontics and Orthodontics

There are two specialties that mainly focus on aesthetic procedures which are Orthodontics and Prosthodontics.

The term Prosthodontics basically refers to dental prosthetics. This procedure covers the maintenance and rehabilitation of patients that have specific conditions that require treatment for missing or deteriorated teeth by replacing it with alternatives. Technically, a prosthodontist specializes in the cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth. Dental implants and other similar procedures fall under this category.

Orthodontics on the otherhand, is another specialty that includes the diagnosis and correction of the positioning of teeth and jaw. This includes braces or brackets, retainers and other similar treatments to address the correct alignment of the teeth and jaw. There are a number of schools and hospitals all around Canada that offer advanced postgraduate courses for both Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. These institutions provide extensive training for students of either specialties.

There are several types of cosmetic dentistry. These includes methods of planting additional materials to your teeth or gum such as veneers or crowns. Another type is through tooth extraction known as gingivectomy or enameloplasty. Teeth whitening and bleaching or laser whitening are also some examples of cosmetic dentistry that enhances the appearance of your teeth. Whatever type you need, you can always seek any specialized dentist SE Calgary has to offer.

Laser whitening is a technique that lightens your teeth by applying bleaching chemicals directly on your teeth. This\"\" is also accompanied by a rubber that covers your gums during the procedure. The laser technically speeds up the whitening process. It is said that the laser method is significantly more effective in terms of teeth whitening. Veneers are thin porcelain laminates that are directly attached to the teeth. These are mainly for applied for gaps between teeth or to improve the appearance, color or shape. There are instances when a tooth reduction is needed to be able to house the veneer.

False teeth or dental bridges are used to fill in gaps from missing teeth. They can be partial or complete. There are different kinds of partial dentures that are removable, fixed or flexible partial. The removable are specifically for patients who have some missing teeth on a certain area while fixed dentures have crowns that are fitted in the areas that are left with teeth. The flexible partial is a non-invasive procedure which is another option for tooth replacement. Complete dentures on the otherhand, are made for patients that have lost all their teeth in a particular area whether the upper or lower arch.

These are just some examples of Cosmetic Dentistry that any specialized dentist SE Calgary can offer their patients. If you are looking at getting a procedure done, always seek their professional help so you can determine what exactly you need.