Parallels between mercury poisoning and autism

Although there are doctors who continue undeterred to travel the road of ghostly genetic damage or accidents imaginative development in the etiology of Autism, the tests highlighted in a recent review published in the scientific journal ACTA Neurobiologiae  clearly indicates that Autism is the finding of brain damage [ encephalopathy ].

Additionally, the symptoms that characterize the in Autism brain injuries correspond closely to those observed in the intoxication subacute mercury [Hg].

The purpose of this review, which follows other studies published by ACTA in 2010 , is to look at the parallels between the cerebral effects of intoxication by Hg and brain pathology found in Autism.

In 2000, Bernard and Co. published a first review of the similarities between Hg poisoning and symptoms of autism. In their review, Bernard and Co. emphasized the 79 similarities between the symptoms of autism and symptoms of intoxication by Hg.

After this revision, several other studies have become available to enable a critical comparison and updated the specific effects arising from exposure to brain Hg and pathological similarities resulting from the diagnosis of autism.

This new study finds the scientific evidence of many parallels between mercury poisoning and autism, including:

  1. degeneration of neuronal microtubules, of large dimensions in particular, along the radius with degeneration of axons and consequent episodes abortifacients in axonal sprouting;
  2. dendritic proliferations;
  3. brain inflammation;
  4. activation of microglia / astrocyte;
  5. Activation of brain autoimmune response:
  6. high production of glial fibrillary acidic protein ;
  7. oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation ;
  8. decrease of the levels of reduced glutathione and increased levels of oxidized glutathione ;
  9. mitochondrial dysfunction ;
  10. disruption in calcium homeostasis;
  11. inhibition of the activity of GAD [ glutamic acid decarboxylase , or the enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid – GABA – glutamic acid. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the CNS and glutamic acid decarboxylase is present at high concentrations in GABAergic neurons terminals];
  12. disruption of homeostasis GABAergic and glutamatergic [the GABAergic neurons are part of the category of neurons aminacidergici  and have an important physiological role in the inhibition of other neurons that have an activity too intense or too long and involved, where it occurs in number alterations and / or quality, in the onset of Huntington\’s chorea , of Rett syndrome , dell \’ epilepsy , the fetal alcohol syndrome and even, indeed, of\’ autism ];
  13. inhibition of the synthesis of \’ IGF-1 and methionine ;
  14. impairment in methylation ;
  15. Dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells and pathological changes of the blood vessels;
  16. decreased blood flow cerebral / cerebellar;
  17. increase of the amyloid precursor protein  [involved in the etiopathogenesis of Alzheimer\’s disease ];
  18. loss of granule neurons and Purkinje in the cerebellum;
  19. increased inflammatory markers and cytokine levels in the brain [ alpha TNF , IFN gamma, IL-1 beta, IL-8];
  20. aberrant increase in \” nuclear factor kappalightchainenhancer of activated B cells \” [A complex protein that is a transcription factor , it can be found in all types of cells and is involved in all of the cell responses to stimuli, such as stress, cytokines, free radicals, irradiation with ultraviolet and attack from bacterial or viral antigens].

This study also highlights the ability of mercury to enhance and work synergistically with other toxins and pathogens in order to help develop the brain pathology observed in Autism.

Therefore, the evidence presented in this study [in which there are also references to post-mortem studies carried out] identify mercury is the primary cause that as causal factor in producing brain pathology observed in patients with autism.

If we think that our Ministry of Health, at the hands of the Executive Office VIII [administrative activities for the payment of compensation under the law 25 February 1992 n. 210, state jurisdiction functions concerning the compensation to persons injured by compulsory vaccination and infection with infected blood or derivatives], with the practice of copy-paste often rejects applications for compensation by answering the Italian families in a contradictory manner, stating that that in childhood vaccines is not mercury, only to correct himself by admitting that concentrations ranging from 0.3 to 25 micrograms per vial because they are well aware that the reality shows a boner in public health messages regarding a hexavalent vaccine illegal , I think it best that begin to unearth his head out of the sand as well as put their hands on an increasingly dirty conscience from ruined lives of thousands of children.