The discipline of medical corruption in vaccine field

Sometimes the Anglo-American corporate model will have shares denominatedFreedom Of Information Act ( FOIA ) that provide some information jewelry.

The FOIA is a federal legislation that recognizes the right to freedom of information and allows the total or partial disclosure of information and unpublished documents controlled by the government.

It \’been so for example to expose the scientific fraud of Pediatrics about the autism studies .

In September 2011 a British family had been refused compensation for vaccine damage occurring to their daughter because the Medical Commission had established a disability less than 60%, and some independent journalists have exploited this case using a FOIA to carry out some cross-checks in about some members of the Commission.

Following this FOIA new data have emerged that reveal new details and especially prior to the event Wakefield with regard to each of the trivalent vaccine Measles-Mumps-Rubella in the UK.

In particular it has come to prove that one of the experts in the Munchausen syndrome by proxy , Prof Roy Meadow, attended government meetings to discuss vaccinations and adverse reactions for a total of five years, from 1987 to 1991 inclusive. These meetings were held during the most crucial period in the history of vaccination when the vaccine was used MMR Pluserix . The meetings were held with the ARVI (Adverse Reactions to Vaccinations and Immunizations), CSM (Committee for Safety of Medicine), among ARVI and JCVI (Joint Committee On Vaccinaztion and Immunization) and finally between the CSM and the \’ ARVI.

Shortly after these meetings the charges against the MSBP (Munchausen syndrome) increased especially when parents complained that their children had been damaged by the vaccine.

The Pluserix was introduced in 1988 and withdrawn in 1992