HPV vaccine to males. These horrors who pays them?

t was in September 2010 when the online edition of Il Mattino di Padova reported the news of an unexplained error in the health district of Limena (PD) which was administered to an infant a vaccine against the human papilloma virus . Since then we have not heard anything about how the situation evolved. Certainly I feel compelled to correct the information that was reported there, to the point that it must be considered as an unprecedented case (?).

FALSE : in fact there is already a precedent in New Zealand dates back to May 2009 ¬†which you can find the original article here and, unfortunately, it\’s the usual horrible reality.

At Hamilton\’s child he had been mistakenly injected the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer when she was just six weeks and has now developed a rare form of acute myeloid leukemia .

On the eve of his second birthday he started chemotherapy and, as often happens when there are half of the vaccines, for physicians is not possible ( it is never possible ) to say whether Gardasil injected by mistake in May 2009 is the cause of this drama occurred in a child born healthy.

The parents, Ryan and Keri Topperwien, are devastated by the diagnosis received after they were reassured when the accident happened on the fact that their child has not suffered any adverse reaction. The couple then 27 year-old, was shocked when six weeks at their son was mistakenly injected the vaccine intended for teenage girls instead of one to prevent meningitis.

To help the family, friends have opened three pages on Facebook to raise funds and so far, the fundraiser netted more than $ 4000. At this link you can support the cause of this family.