Mercury is scientifically healthy for our children

The most awaited study that was in the course of work for nearly a decade with regard to the correlation between thimerosal and autism was published last September 13, 2010 of Pediatrics .

The sample study that evaluated in more than a thousand children (precisely 256 with autism and 752 healthy) the relationship between exposure to vaccines – and in particular to thimerosal contained in some of them – and indeed the risk of being affected by autism It states that there is no correlation .

The study was funded by the Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) and conducted by several parties with a unique interest in protecting the use of vaccines.

The study included:

  • the CDC researchers  responsible in vaccine research and in their promotion;
  • Abt Associates , a contract research organization which most customers are manufacturers of vaccines;
  • Section National Immunization Program of the CDC , or the promoters of the global immunization program (mass vaccinations);
  • America\’s Health Insurance Plans ( AHIP ), the trade group for the health insurance industry;
  • three HMO ( health maintenance organization ) that receive substantial funding from vaccine manufacturers to conduct research on vaccines and issue the license.

The planning of this study began in 2001. During the study, conducted over a period of nine years, the large panel of consultants who provided input to investigators has been reduced to a small subset by the end of the same study. The large initial panel recommended for the study design verification ultimately, as well as the staff employed, was therefore insufficient to answer the question of the correlation between exposure to thimerosal and autism rates.  The CDC and AHIP have rejected the help of outside consultants.

The curious finding reported by the study is that \” greater exposure to mercury from thimerosal in vaccines is protective ( ??? ) against damage neurodevelopmental and actually decreases the risk of having a diagnosis of autism .\”

Translated into plain English: mercury is scientifically healthy for our children … because we have eliminated from thermometers? … Instead of a nice sandwich with honey, we start to prepare sandwiches mercury with the backing of \” science \” of the CDC and Pediatrics .

As I write pregiai in 2009 the former Minister of Health Sen. Maurizio Sacconi ( the text of the letter can download it here ) \” The CDC is in the unenviable situation of helping to develop vaccines, contribute to their development, to pay for administration and to be responsible for their safety, it is like putting a fox guarding a hen house \”.

If we want to use one of the many comments to the work of Pediatrics \” If there was a study exonerating cigarettes leading to lung cancer funded by the Phillip Morris company would you take it on face value?\” Or \” if there was one at the expense of cigarettes studio such as lung cancer generators funded by the company Phillip Morris, which was the nominal value of the study? \”… The answer is all too obvious!

The finding of the CDC goes against every crazy logic in health promotion and a growing body of work, formed in each side of the planet earth, who has conducted studies in animal models to test exposure to thimerosal This work provides overwhelming evidence injury and how neurological development in children exposed to thimerosal showing clinically relevant .

The first immediate response, about the study of Pediatrics , bears the signature of the US non-profit scientific organization: SafeMinds . SafeMinds published a detailed analysis contrary to the study of  Pediatrics , post more answers in the near future, and I will not be alone.