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Individuals with broken or missing teeth can restore their teeth with a dental bridge. It will generally take two office visits with the dentist to complete the process provided no other dental work is needed before beginning the process. Bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. There are three types of dental bridges the fixed, the resin bonded and the cantilever. Any of the three-bridge types are permanently attached to the teeth.

The cost and procedures for a bridge is dependent on which type of bridge is needed for the procedure. The dentist will discuss these options with the patient before the actual bridgework begins. To start the process the dentist will file down the teeth that will be used for the crowns, and make a mold of the teeth to send to the lab where the bridge will be made. During the second visit, the bridge dentist prepares the teeth and glues the bridge to the teeth.

In most cases, dental insurance covers about fifty percent of the cost for bridgework. The cost is dependent on the amount of work necessary for each tooth, materials used and the expertise of the dentist.

A removable bridge is a much cheaper option but the lifespan is much shorter and the removal process causes a lot of wear and tear on the teeth. A fixed bridge is a wiser long-term choice.
Your new bridge is an investment and with proper care can last up to ten years. Two great tools are available to help with flossing between the bridge and gums. Threaders are made from a piece of thin blue nylon material with a large loop in one end. This is used to pull the floss through the space between the gum line and the bridge. The other option is threader floss, a single piece of dental floss with one end stiff enough to thread through the bridge opening to floss away any food particles brushing may miss.

Making my dentist smile |

Multiple extractions. Braces. A bridge. By the time I got to Japan, I had spent more time in a dentist’s chair than I had on the family sofa. Or at least it seemed that way. I was numb to any new trick that a dentist might present.

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